Connect your Google Calendar to Salesroom to create meetings from directly within your calendar. You can either use the addon or skip it completely and invite Salesroom as a participant.

Connect your Calendar

This step is required.

Navigate to "Your profile" by clicking on your avatar on the top right, click "Settings" and then "Connections". Click "Sign in with Google", this step needs to be completed.

Install the Salesroom Calendar AddOn

This step is optional. Admin permissions should not be needed.

A fast and simple way to schedule Salesroom meetings in Google Calendar. Install AddOn

"Admin install" will install for everyone in the company. "Individual install" will only install for you.

Once installed you will see "Salesroom Meeting" appear in the "Add video conferencing" menu.

Can't Install an AddOn? No Problem!

This step is optional.

Salesroom works without any downloads or installs. You can start creating Salesroom events in your Google Calendar without using the AddOn.

As long as the "Connect your Calendar" step above has been completed. Inviting [email protected] as a participant to any event, will update that event with a Salesroom meeting link.

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Setting Salesroom as your Default Video Conferencing Provider

Follow these instructions.

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