Why do you need edit permissions?

As a seller or a buyer, you don't need to download any apps, add-ons, or extensions; Salesroom just works. It's a vital difference Salesroom has over other platforms. We also pride ourselves on asking for the absolute minimum permissions needed when integrating with other tools.

To help sellers schedule meetings more quickly, we integrate with Google Calendar. So whenever we see [email protected] as a participant for an event, we know it's a Salesroom meeting, and we add the link and relevant details to the invite.

  • To see which events are meant to be Salesroom meetings, we need to view events as they are created or updated.

  • To update an event to include Salesroom details, we need to edit the event on your behalf.

Google Calendar only gives one permission level to edit events, and that's "View and edit events on all your calendars." These are the permissions we ask for when connecting your calendar.

Only events which have [email protected] are kept track of on our side. The data we store for those events are:

  • unique identifier - to help us update an event

  • title - to show the title in the meeting

  • date and time - to schedule the meeting, so it does not start until the seller is ready

  • participants - to know who can access the event

What do I do if I don't want to give Salesrooom permission?

Firstly reach out to us so we can learn more and improve. Then, you can schedule meetings within Salesroom and copy to link manually to your event in Google Calendar.

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