Salesroom Instant Meetings allow you to organize ad-hoc meetings quickly.

We created a Slack App so you don't have to go to Salesroom each time you want to make an instant meeting.

Let's look at how to install and use Salesroom within your Slack workspace.

Installing Slack App

For Yourself

Visit your connections page in Salesroom and click "Add to Slack", this will direct you to Slack, where you will be asked to grant Salesroom permission to access your Slack workspace. Clicking "Allow" is all you need to do.

For Entire Workspace

Ask your Slack workspace admin to install and approve Salesroom for the entire workspace. Remember, you don't need this step if you want to be the only one who can create meetings using the Salesroom Slack App.

After your admin has approved Salesroom for everyone to use, they will see this message.

Connecting Salesroom and Slack

There is nothing you need to do. As long as the verified email address you are using for your Slack account matches the verified email address you use for your Salesroom account, everything will work.

Using Salesroom in your Slack Workspace

If this is your first time using commands in Slack, know that typing a / forward slash in the message field of any channel or direct message to view a list of slash commands available in your workspace. Type a slash command, then send the message to complete an action. Learn More.

You can type the following command anywhere in Slack and hit enter to generate an instant meeting.


To name your meeting simple to add anything after the salesroom slash command.

/salesroom Discuss Acme Inc Deal Progress

This will generate a link that everyone in that Slack channel can view and follow.

If there is an issue at any point, you will see the following message.

One of the main reasons you will see this error is because permissions for Salesroom need to be approved again. In this case, visit your connections page in Salesroom and click "Add to Slack" again. Everything should be working fine now. If things are still not working, reach out, we may already know about it and be working hard to resolve it.

Uninstalling Salesroom Slack App

Follow Slack's official guide for instructions on how to uninstall Salesroom.

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