How to Connect

  1. Get Gong API Keys

  2. Get Gong Member ID

  3. Update Salesroom Connections Page

Firstly, ask an admin to generate API keys for you and for your user id. To do this, sign in to Gong with an account that has Technical Administrator permissions. Then locate the company’s key and secret from the Gong Public API. To create a new one, click the “Create”.

If needed, you can find your user id yourself by visiting the team's page, clicking on your name and then looking in the URL for the number after "team-member-id", should look something like this "5661392999215179263". If you can't find your member id there, have a look at the Gong company team page as well, in the URL you should look for "user-id" rather than "team-member-id".

Be sure to use your user id; otherwise, the calls you send to Gong will be attributed to someone else on your team.

Now navigate to the Salesroom Settings / Connections page, paste your API Access Key and Access Key Secret and your user id in the field provided and click "Connect to Gong"

All done! You can revoke access at any time.

How to Use

Sending Recordings to Gong

Within a meeting, you will now see a new button called "Sync with Gong"; clicking on this will send the recording to Gong for analysis.

Finding Recordings on Gong

Within a meeting, after you have synced a call with Gong, you will see a button to "View on Gong", this will take you directly to the Gong page for this call.

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