Relationships allow you to keep everything related to a deal together in one place so all members can contribute to help move the deal forward. If someone joins a relationship, you are all in it, just like in real life. All meetings, recordings, listed highlights, transcripts, next steps, questions, etc. are seen by all members. No more asking the meeting owner for the recording or other content you were part of creating. Relationships allow you to customize the experience for each company you interact with.

Members are split into buyers and sellers, each associated with a company. Additionally, a permission role of 'owner' can be set for any member, allowing them to create meetings, add members, and do any other piece of relationship management on Salesroom.

And when using integrations like Salesforce, Relationships map well onto an opportunity.

Creating & Finding Relationships

You can visit relationships from the main navigation and either click "New relationship" or filter to find one.

The relationship overview page shows you the details about the buyer and seller companies and any past and upcoming meetings.

Viewing & Adding Members

The member's tab allows you to view members, their roles and company, as well as add a new member.

You need the email address of the person you wish to add. If the company does not exist you can update it within settings. Owners in a relationship are also owners for meetings in the relationship, meaning they can start and end meetings, control recordings, and anything else that was previously only available to the meeting owner.

Setting Buyer / Seller Company Details

You can set the buyer and seller company name, description, website and logo from within settings.

Custom Lobby Background per Relationship

Each relationship can have a custom Lobby background that will only show for meetings in that relationship. Uploading and setting a default (blue border) means that all meetings in that relationship get that background by default. You can change the background from the meeting Lobby. For example; you might want to use a background with the buyer's company logo on it, to show how important they are to you.

Adding Meetings to Relationships

From the Lobby and in the call, you can add any meeting to a relationship.

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