In Meeting

When recording is on, the "Next Steps" tab will show the real-time detection of follow-up and action items from any participant who has given consent.

Next Steps from participants who have not given consent for transcription won't have their questions detected.

The best way to capture a next step is to use trigger words, just like when using Siri or Google Assistant. Saying things like "I will follow up with..." or "As a next step, Julie agrees to..." means items will be captured in a more actionable way.

Capturing next steps during calls has four main benefits.

  • Safety net. A key goal of Salesroom is to be there for you to listen actively. Part of that is being a partner listening on your behalf and trying to capture important information for you.

  • Alignment. Assigning next steps during or after the call for everyone to see and be informed of, allows for increased alignment and helps move the process forward more effectively.

  • Learning what others find important. When participants feel a next step is important, they can pin it, bringing what matters to the top of the pile, helping everyone focus their efforts.

  • Everything is in one place. There is a single place for the next steps and who owns them to live, which removes friction and allows for increased alignment.

Off Meeting

From within the Meeting Hub, all participants can view, assign and complete next steps.

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