All Salesroom users have a Personal Meeting Link e.g. and can request a custom one at any time e.g. ""

When someone visits your personal meeting link and requests to join, you will be notified via email that they are waiting for you. If you are already in a meeting, you will get a notification allowing you to add them to the current meeting or start a new one.

Finding Your Personal Meeting Link

Your personal link can be found at the "New Meeting" dropdown or in your profile.

Using Personal Link with Google Calendar

Remember, most of your events in Google Calendar should be created using the video conferencing button. Your personal meeting link is best used for recurring meetings or meetings scheduled via another provider like Calendly.

You can paste your personal link into the location field in Google Calendar. Be sure to remove the video conferencing link as well. In the image below you can see that I have included in the location field, this is my personal link.

For meetings that are not recurring, Salesroom will detect that you are using a personal meeting link for an event and replace it with a dedicated meeting link to ensure you can plan for the call itself. Your personal meeting link will then be removed from the location field to avoid participants from getting confused.

For recurring meetings, we will not add a dedicated conference link, rather we will leave your personal meeting link in the location field.

After saving the Google Calendar Event for a non-recurring meeting. You can see that the personal meeting link has been removed and there is now a dedicated meeting button.

The Experience

When someone goes to your personal link, they will arrive in your waiting room until you let them in.

You will get an email informing you about this as well as a notification if you are on Salesroom.

When in a meeting you will get a notification which will allow you to add others to your current meeting, start a new one or tell them you are busy

Otherwise, you will simply be asked to start a new meeting or tell them you are busy.

If you tell someone that you are busy, they will get a notification saying you are currently unavailable.

Customize Personal Link


You might be using scheduling software like Calendly, and have an event for just Discovery Calls, you can set the title of the Salesroom meeting via your personal link by passing it as an option. Call

More examples





Meeting Title


Any title, can't be blank. The default is auto-generated. The following characters will be removed and should not be used.

  • ampersand ("&")

  • dollar ("$")

  • plus sign ("+")

  • comma (",")

  • forward slash ("/")

  • colon (":")

  • semi-colon (";")

  • equals ("=")

  • question mark ("?")

  • 'At' symbol ("@")

  • pound ("#")

  • space (" ")

  • less than and greater than ("<>")

  • open and close brackets ("[]")

  • open and close braces ("{}")

  • pipe ("|")

  • backslash ("\")

  • caret ("^")

  • percent ("%")

Meeting Duration


Any amount in minutes. The default is 30.

Call Region


Any of the following. The default is your meeting defaults.




The relationship ID. The default is to not put the meeting into a relationship. You can find this in the URL of the relationship. It looks like "fac2c381-f5a4-40d6-a7d1-391c9bfef691"

Play recording announcement


Either true or false. The default is your meeting defaults.

Automatically delete recording after 30 days


Either true or false. The default is your meeting defaults.

Recording mode


Any of the following. The default is your meeting defaults.

automatic, manual, disabled


  1. All lowercase letters, hyphens, and numbers

  2. Cannot end in -dev

  3. Cannot have any periods

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