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All providers, including Zoom, have to conduct similar steps to make this work.

Remember these changes will impact your entire organization. If you are a Sales team using Salesroom, others in your organization will also see Salesroom as their default video conferencing provider.

Step 1 - Uninstall Other Video Conferencing AddOn

If you have any other video conferencing addon's installed, you will need to remove them to ensure Salesrooms AddOn is at the top of the list.

Step 2 - Install Salesroom AddOn as Admin

Uninstall Salesroom AddOn if you already have it installed. This is true for all users in your company.

Using the button found in Settings > Connections, click "Install AddOn" and then "Admin install"

Step 3 - Change Google Workspace Defaults

These changes can take up to 10 minutes to take effect.

Visit Apps > Google Workspace > Settings for Calendar > Sharing settings as a Google Admin via

  • Off - Make Google Meet the default video conferencing provider when available

  • On - Automatically add video conferencing to events users create


This step is not always needed.

You may need to turn Google Meets off, wait 10 minutes, repeat the steps above and then turn Google Meets back on. As per Google's own instructions.

Visit Apps > Google Workspace > Settings for Google Meet > Service Status as a Google Admin via

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