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Salesroom supports the taking of calls within Mobile browsers. Some features are limited or missing due to the screen size.

We are constantly pushing to improve the experience on mobile so buyers can call if they need to. For sellers, our primary focus is making the desktop experience exceptional for sellers and buyers.

Salesroom Compared to Other Providers on Mobile

When it comes to the buyer, all that matters is that they can get on the call the way they want, without friction. This is one of the fundamental reasons why Salesroom has taken that more challenging path of "No Downloads, No Installs, Least Possible Permissions, No Login Needed for Participants".

As I am about to illustrate, this starkly differs from the current ecosystem. Here is a video that helps visually show the experience for users today.

  • Zoom, Meets, Teams, and Webex do not support mobile browsers.

    • All users must download their app.

    • Most require you to create an account first.

  • Safari, out of all the browsers, performs the worst and has the most issues when it comes to both video and video conferencing on the web, for all providers.

  • On iOS, Chrome, Firefox etc are all technically Safari under the hood as Apple does not let browsers use any other rendering engine other than Webkit, meaning using a different browser likely won't help as the issues sit with Apple.

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